Technical Bottle

Technical Bottle Cut

Original design, innovative materials, certified technical elements and high-tech process, spring water   is patent pending.

Sleek design, completely waterproof and guaranteed BPA-free, spring water   incorporates high technology and process technology, ensuring performance and reliability.

Control And Autonomy


Strategically housed in the generator, the motherboard is an integral part of the bottle, it allows the system to be autonomous and used in all situations, sports, home, work and office.

The motherboard manages and controls each element of the process. 

Technical Cap

The cap has been designed to combine technology, safety and ease of use.

Infrared Detector

Ultraviolet Led’s

UV rays are classified in 3 categories, according to their wavelengths and their penetration power, UVA, UVB and UVC.

Chambre de Traitement en Quartz

Our process optimizes the use of UV radiation, it combines UVA and UVC waves, controls and sequences independently the duration and intensity of each UV LED, which allows to get rid of all microorganisms, chemicals, drug residues and chlorine, without harming the trace elements.

Spring water

Will Sterilize And Purify Water To 99.98% In Only 15 Minutes


Automatic Cleaning


Our UV technology will sterilize your bottle when you finish a sports session or when the bottle is empty.

This operation is fully automated.

Generator H2

The Generator

Production System For Good Health, Well-Being And Pure Energy

Last generation of molecular hydrogen generator, it is composed of titanium electrodes and platinum Ionic membrane, they will create by electrolysis the necessary quantity of dissolved molecular hydrogen (1200 ppm).

Enriched with very pure hydrogen, your water has very strong therapeutic and energetic virtues.

dissolved molevular hydrogen generator

Molecular hydrogen has a limited life span, the Ppm sensor monitors the hydrogen level and automatically manages the generator to maintain an optimal hydrogen level.

Back Pack

Spring water Turntable bag
Nappe De Câbles_ Invisible et Solide, Elle Passe Dans Les Doublures Du Sac A Dos

Ergonomic and design, our backpack is studied to be discreet, comfortable and not to disturb your sports sessions.

Technical set, in the backpack, each element is positioned in a thoughtful and secure way, they do not clutter the space and are fully accessible.

The Power Supply Base

Simply placed on the base, the bottle remains connected and in charge, it is maintained in its housing by powerful magnets.


Remote Control Block

Deported control block, positioned on the backpack shoulder strap, visible and accessible, very practical during sports sessions


Fast charge and great autonomy the battery 12 Volts Lithium Ion, is housed in your backpack, for long runs.

Batterie Outdoor
Practical And Indispensable, A Charging Connection For Phones, GPS Or Any Other Device

Place in the side pocket of the backpack, the USBC connection, very practical to recharge phone or GPS. 

Combined Nozzle


The hydratation kit is designed to work like a micro tap.

Powered by electricity, via a magnetic connection, the switch controls the pump and dispenses water in a steady stream or mist, simply by turning the nozzle a quarter turn.

Android® Application


Our ANDROID ® application is currently being finalized and will be validated after some minor adjustments.

Ready to be activated, the technical elements allowing its operation are integrated as series in the bottle.

The SPRING TRAINER  application, will go into production, once our crowdfunding campaign has reached its pre-order goal.