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Composed of designers, engineers and scientists, their mission is to study and develop original projects.

Fundamentally turned towards new technologies and conscious of the environmental stake, UNLIMITED develops systems for the sportsmen, improvement of the health and research of the well-being.

The Origins Of
Spring water

SPRING WATER  has been developed taking into account relevant feedback and suggestions, related to hydration bags, the most frequent being bad taste, infections, abdominal pain and the use of plastic water bottles to fill his bag.
This last point, a real ecological plague against which we are fighting, is one of our priorities and therefore we recommend the use of tap water accessible to all and producing no pollution.

However, tap water, even if it is drinkable, does not protect us from intoxications resulting from pollution.

Purifies, Strengthens And Energizes Your Body

Microbial contamination of the water leads to gastroenteritis and more serious complications.

Chemicals & pesticides

Pesticides and nitrates contaminate water through urban, industrial and agricultural discharges and seep into the soil.

Drug residues are introduced into sources by wastewater and agricultural water containing animal waste.


The by-products of water chlorination result from the reaction between the disinfectants and the organic matter in the water.

The Risks For Our Health, Do Not Only Come From
The Tap Water


A study of more than 250 bottles of major brands, reveals the presence of plastic in mineral water, 93% of the samples tested contains plastic microparticles.

The world’s leading mineral water company, has a particularly high rate, as its water can contain up to 930 microparticles of plastic per liter.

Use Tap Water To Avoid Using
Bottled Water, Which Is Responsible For The Plastic Pollution Of The

In 2018 We Create A Viable Water
Purification Prototype, We Modify It In
2019 To Be Used Outside Of Sports, End Of
2020 We Finalize Spring water

Free Radicals

After receiving Ultra-Violet sterilization, our water is exceptionally pure, but it has little added value for our health.
It does not allow us to protect ourselves effectively against the aggressions of daily life and more than anything else, against the generation of free radicals in our body, which are responsible for a good number of fatal diseases.

Hydrogen, the element at the origin of life, with immense health benefits, whose effectiveness is recognized in the fight against many diseases.
Its prestigious properties will protect your body from life’s aggressions and tone up your organism.
Through a natural process, SPRING water  produces and charges water with dissolved molecular hydrogen, giving it a therapeutic and energetic quality.

Protects And Strengthens Your Body


Scientifically Proven &
Medically  Recognized

Lien Vers Site M.H.I (Molecular Hydrogen Institut)
I am 73 years old, Every day I drink 2 Liters of Hydrogenated water, I don't know what the Age Disorders are.

Ecologically Committed Against Plastic Pollution Of The Oceans

In partnership with WINGS OF THE OCEAN, we concretize our ecological commitment and participate actively in the fight against plastic pollution.

Wings of the ocean
wings of the ocean